School Facilities

One obstacle to achieving educational equity in Baton Rouge is access to quality school facilities. NSBR-F, our facilities organization, focuses on creating high quality educational spaces tailored to the instructional model and needs of our partner schools. Whether through renovating old District buildings or building a new facility from the ground up, our organization is dedicated to providing resources for students and community redevelopment. As of summer 2021, we have directly invested over $7M in Baton Rouge school facilities, leading to over $130M in private investment in our community. NSBR-F helps schools navigate lending partners, site selection, refurbishment projects, land acquisition, design development, public bid law, and ground-up construction.

GEO Next Generation High School is a perfect example of a school where NSBR-F offered a great deal of support throughout the entire facilities process - from designing and securing financing for the building to advising and overseeing furniture selection and construction. One remarkable aspect of GEO Next Gen’s facility is the way it integrates GEO’s innovative learning model. GEO Next Gen students take college classes on college campuses in addition to their core academic subjects. Many earn their associate’s degree - or even a bachelor’s degree - before graduating. GEO Next Gen was designed to accommodate students traveling to and from their college courses through numerous “break-out” and “touch-down” spaces and lounge areas for students returning to campus. The building offers a “commons” area over a traditional cafeteria complete with rolling whiteboards and carpeted, piazza-style steps where students can gather to study between class periods. The campus also has diverse learning spaces with garage doors, flexible partitions, and student desks that are actually tables of varying height easily rearranged from a traditional setup to seminar-style for group discussions.