New Schools for Baton Rouge

Mission Statement

The mission of New Schools for Baton Rouge is to ensure that every child in Baton Rouge has access to an excellent education.

Proudly Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

Our Impact

New Schools for Baton Rouge was founded in 2012 to transform education in our community. By 2030, NSBR will have helped to bring 35 high-quality schools to Baton Rouge. These schools provide great education options so that every single family in our community has access to a school that meets their unique needs and interests.

As of 2021, NSBR has brought 21 great schools to our community, with more on the way!

In Fall 2020, 98% of families said they would recommend their child's school. Families love NSBR schools!

NSBR has proudly supported 1500+ Baton Rouge educators through our robust talent strategy.

According to a Stanford study, NSBR's partner schools provide students with more days of reading and math instruction during a single school year.

10,000 students are enrolled in our schools, representing 25% of all public school enrollment in Baton Rouge.

Through NSBR’s Facility Fund, we have helped drive more than $150 million of investment in high-quality school facilities. As of summer 2021, we have supported 15 new or newly-renovated school buildings.

Our Highlights

• We have partnered with 21 schools serving ~10,000 students
• By Fall 2023, we will work with 35 schools serving ~14,000 students
• Our partner schools provide students with the equivalent of 80 additional days of learning in reading and math over the course of a single school year, meaning they are learning at a faster rate than their peers
• Our partner schools have seen a 10% enrollment increase during the Pandemic
• 98% of parents would recommend their child’s school

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Our Core Pillars

Excellent Schools

To provide Baton Rouge families with more high-quality education options, we recruit, launch, and support excellent schools with proven track records of success, with an emphasis on schools skilled at serving historically disadvantaged students.

Citywide Solutions

We partner with nonprofits and community leaders to identify and solve citywide challenges in education, including facilities planning and talent development.

Community Impact

We support our community by coordinating with partners to achieve educational equity, including empowering families with tools to choose and access the best school for their children.

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NSBR Portfolio Schools

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