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New Schools for Baton Rouge (NSBR) was founded in 2012 by community leaders to transform education in our community. Our mission is to ensure that every child in Baton Rouge has access to an excellent education.

Our core belief is that every child deserves a great school - especially those children that have been historically denied access to a high quality education. We believe that great schools empower educators with the resources they need to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each child, regardless of their background. NSBR strives to break down the obstacles fostered by a broken system, enabling all children to receive an education that unlocks their unique genius and prepares them for the lives of opportunity they deserve. 

To break down educational barriers for students in our community, we research, carefully evaluate, and partner with school operators and leaders across the country and right here in Baton Rouge. We particularly look for schools who have strong track records of success for historically underserved student populations. We partner with these carefully-vetted operators and support them as they launch their high quality school models in our community. After they start serving students, NSBR consistently measures their success and offers on-going support and guidance to these schools to ensure that each one is fulfilling its mission to our community. 

Undoubtedly, there are already many high-quality schools in Baton Rouge that should be celebrated and recognized. Many schools in our community consistently achieve an A or B letter grade and have tremendous results for kids. But as of 2021, 15,000 Baton Rouge students remain enrolled in failing schools. This is unacceptable, and NSBR’s strategy will ensure that by 2030, no child in Baton Rouge will have to attend a D or F-rated school ever again. 

NSBR has begun to prove what is possible for historically underserved students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After 10 years of work, we have the opportunity to fully deliver on our promise to the children and families of our community. If we can transform educational outcomes in the Capital City through choice, autonomy, and accountability, we can point to both a strategic model and slate of operators and partners prepared to drive transformative impact in other regions across the state.

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