November 18, 2019

Student Artwork Showcase

New Schools for Baton Rouge was proud to host the 2019 Convening, “Education as a Civil Right,” which showcased student artwork from a juried show centered on the event theme. NSBR received 38 submissions from Mentorship STEAM Academy student in Cynthia Oby’s art class. The students were instructed to choose an issue that is important to them or relevant in their community.

By Maclom Goffner, Christian Gibson, Donovan Smart

The mural represents C.H.A.N.G.E as in change the way the world is, change the way people act towards one another, and change the way people view each other. Our graphics relay the word CHANGE as in change America and make it great again since Donald Trump couldn’t do it. We chose the colors red, white, and blue because those colors represent the American flag and the flag represents the United States and we were saying change the United States.

By: LaNiyah Harrison, Anaya Henderson, Andeliah Wells

Our mural represents black girls being uplifted. The story behind this mural comes from the CNN story that showed a little girl being bullied because of “ nappy head“ and “ burnt” skin. So we decided to paint the picture. Our mural describes things people say about us girls with natural thick hair and brown skin. Then one side represents what/who we truly are and represent. Our message is to let young ladies
who fall into this category know that they aren't what others think they are. They ́re strong and worthy and will be someone someday.

By Jaen Nelson, Ravon Martin, Zy’riah Jones, Kailynn Thomas

We chose gun violence so people can stop using their guns and use their words. Gun violence is not the right way to settle your difference in argument. The main message of our art is to stop gun violence and talk things out. We show a bad guy firing his gun and the bullets are coming towards the good guy. We used shades of blue to calm everything down.

The murals can be found at the first floor of the Shaw Center for Arts (100 Lafayette Street) until the end of the year. A big thank you goes to our partner, the Walls Project, for helping coordinate the call for artists.

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