July 9, 2020

NSBR celebrates completion of 2019-2020 CHANGEMAKERS cohort

NSBR is proud to congratulate our most recent group of CHANGEMAKERS on their commitment to education in Baton Rouge. These community leaders spent the last year deepening their understanding of the challenges around K-12 education in our city. Recently, they participated in a closing breakfast where they discussed the next steps in their work to improve outcomes for Baton Rouge students. The members of the 2019-20 CHANGEMAKERS cohort were:

  • Erika Augustus
  • Aneatra Boykin
  • Lynn Daigle
  • Sherin Dawud
  • Wanzie Fugler
  • David Hebert
  • J Hudson
  • Jason Hughes
  • Kerii Landry-Thomas
  • Angela Machen
  • Jade Miller
  • Julie Miller
  • Kenny Nguyen
  • Adrian Owen
  • Mike Rice
  • Theodore Richards
  • Erik Showalter
  • Todd Sterling
  • Kelli Bondy Troutman
  • Raina Vallot
  • Gloria Wall
  • Stacie Williams
  • Trey Williams

We look forward to the amazing things from this strong group of community leaders. Applications are now open for the next CHANGEMAKERS class here.

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