February 27, 2014

Choice is for Teachers, Too

“Choice” is quite the buzzword going around in education circles today. Choice is the opportunity for children and their families to choose among a range of schools to best suit their individual needs, abilities, and talents. As the co-founder and COO of New Schools for Baton Rouge (NSBR), I am a proponent of choice. At NSBR, we work diligently to ensure every child in our city has the opportunity to attend and flourish in an excellent school.But choice is not just for students: choice is for teachers, too. In an education landscape that has an increasing variety of options, teachers will have unprecedented choices to make on two fronts. First, teachers, like students, will choose schools that best suit their beliefs and talents as educators. Second, teachers will be able to choose from a growing menu of professional development options that they can tailor to their individual career goals.In the next few years, Baton Rouge will significantly increase in the number of high quality school options available to both families and teachers. In addition, Baton Rouge is growing a robust “education ecosystem” of organizations that are supporting the work that is going on in school buildings. Baton Rouge is an attractive location for teachers, not only because of the school choices it has to offer, but also because of the many paths teachers can choose from as they grow as educators.Whether you want to become a teacher leader through Leading Educators, a principal through the Ryan Fellowship, or a school founder through Building Excellent Schools, Baton Rouge is the right place for you to make that choice.This is an exciting time for teachers, one filled with more choices than ever before. As a place garnering national attention for the educational choices it offers children and families, Baton Rouge is becoming a destination for teachers who want to exercise agency in their careers. Teachers who want choice are choosing Baton Rouge.

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