February 9, 2023

Black History Month Feature: Nicole D. Scott

What drew you to education?

I grew up in a loving home with a stay-at-home mom who spent time volunteering at my school at least 3-4 times a week. Education became the fabric of my entire family at an early age and from that fabric I discovered education is the only resource on earth which has the ability to provide the learner with a guaranteed return on investment.

How do you celebrate Black Excellence in the classroom and your organization?

Every February we spotlight the success and achievements of those who represent Black Excellence with our #28BRidges campaign. This campaign was specifically created and launched 3 years ago to celebrate the men and women of color who are the unsung heroes of our community and working diligently to make a difference.

What inspires you daily about education in Baton Rouge?

I'm inspired daily by the perseverance of the educators which I know first-hand are committed to transforming the lives of youth. Educators who are invested in the life of our youth within the community even on days when they don't see progress in the system they work within. This is what inspires me. Also, the innate desire youth possess to learn despite the myriad challenges they face, inspires me.

What makes you hopeful about the future?

I'm hopeful about the future when I experience the optimism in our young people to grow, to become and to achieve. Most youth, at an early age, are dreamers. They possess a positive lens in which they see themselves and the world through. This kind of pure optimism within our youth has great potential to restore hope to the most broken places. I'm hopeful the dreamers will prevail!

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