February 16, 2023

Black History Month Feature: Charles Natt

What drew you to education?

My family! I was raised by a family of educators who centered our family structure around Christianity and learning. My uncle always emphasized the importance of knowing our cultural history; in many cases, that started in the classroom.

How do you celebrate Black Excellence in the classroom?

Representation matters. When students can see and engage with someone who looks like them or they can relate to, it makes their learning experience even more impactful. In my experience, students enjoy learning about people in their community and having the chance to hear their personal stories. The ultimate celebration starts in the classroom and spreads into the community.

What inspires you daily about education in Baton Rouge?

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to meet and educate hundreds of students who will become the future leaders of our great city. I am inspired daily by the tenacity, social consciousness, and leadership qualities I've witnessed in these talented young men and women.

What makes you hopeful about the future?

The growth of our city over the past 20 years. If we continue to be supportive and accepting of our individual and cultural differences, we will significantly impact future generations and truly progress as one community.

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