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Louisiana is no stranger to school autonomy and choice. Our state has some of the most robust and progressive laws on the books related to managing charter schools. We are also home to the highest concentration choice market in the country:  New Orleans. However, to date, the transformative reforms that took hold in New Orleans have failed to spread beyond its parish boundaries.  

In contrast, Baton Rouge represents a fresh opportunity to build a new proofpoint of reform in a city that sits at the heart of Louisiana politics and culture. Strategically, Baton Rouge affords a unique platform to highlight the power of educational choice and autonomy to key political and policy stakeholders from across the state. In many ways, Baton Rouge is also far more representative of other communities across Louisiana than New Orleans.  

New Schools for Baton Rouge (NSBR) is keenly aware of this opportunity and has focused its efforts on a transformation strategy that can both meet the immediate need of our community and, over time, catalyze statewide reform. We have recruited school options and operators that are experienced, high performing, and seek to grow a regional presence. If we can transform educational outcomes in the Capital City through choice, autonomy, and accountability, we can point to both a strategic model and slate of operators and partners prepared to drive transformative impact in other regions across the state.

Our organization has begun to prove what is possible for historically underserved students in Baton Rouge, LA. As our organization nears its ten-year anniversary in 2022, we have the opportunity to fully deliver on our promise to the children and families of our community. With your financial contribution, you can help us ensure that by 2030, no child in Baton Rouge will have to attend a D or F-rated school ever again.

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