Community Engagement

Community partnership and support is essential in order for a school to be successful. NSBR is committed to partnering with communities to ensure that schools are designed with those they serve in mind. Over the past decade, NSBR has developed a comprehensive community engagement and investment strategy that centers community voice, honors community traditions and legacies, and partners with nonprofit and community organizations to scale impact.

Family Engagement Collaborative

Strong school-family relationships have many benefits, including increasing student retention, success, and achievement, as well as decreasing absenteeism. Families who are involved in their child’s school tend to have more confidence and pride in their child’s education, and students earn higher grades and test scores, tend to have better-rounded social skills, and on the whole exhibit more mature behaviors in the classroom.

Because family engagement strategies are the cornerstone of fostering school-family relationships, New Schools for Baton Rouge developed the NSBR Family, Schools and Community Connects, a program designed to help schools increase and refine collaboration with the students and families they serve. This program, piloted in 2019, helps to ensure both the academic success and the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of students through family engagement best practices.

This collaborative will develop and implement transformative family engagement models, ultimately empowering parents as partners and key decision makers in their children's education. The semester-long collaboration provides thought-partners and a platform to share and refine best practices in engaging families and students.

Community Impact Grants

As an organization founded by a diverse coalition of community leaders, NSBR knows firsthand the importance of community partnership when it comes to driving impact in our city. Please see here for 2022 Community Impact Grant Grantees.

To apply for the 2023 Fall Community Impact Grants, please see here.

Thus, we are dedicated to investing in organizations addressing the following five focus areas:


Projects demonstrate NSBR’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Student Growth

Efforts provide development-focused services and support for students and families.

Family and Community

Programs and social services that support families and students.

Youth Empowerment

Projects provide opportunities for cultivation of student skills, talents and/or activities.

Out of School Time

Programming impacts after-school and summer learning experiences.

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